by Pastor Richard

for the week beginning Sunday, September 21, 2014

Claudia and I participated in the Hume Lake Pastor’s Conference this past week up at Hume Lake Christian Conference Center in the mountains above Fresno. I was back in the office on Friday in time to jot these words to you and get them printed.  The speaker was Pastor Tom Mercer. Our sessions together were in John 15 and Philippians 1. One of my favorite activities each day while on the mountain is the 2.5 mile hike around the lake. A cup of java and away I go (sorry, no Starbucks. They serve Hume N Beans blends). Claudia and I both packed away at least one book to read but I never opened my book this year). And yes, we stopped in Exeter for our annual tour through the Water Tower Antique store. On the way home we ate at Hunan’s in Clovis and had the absolutely best Chinese dish I have ever had: BUTTER CREAM PRAWNS. Thank you Rick & Mel.

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And the weather where we were up in King’s Canyon National Park was absolutely wonderful. When we checked in on the temps here in Whittier we were enjoying temps in the mid 70s (sweaters anyone?).

Remember that man in church that gave those  loud and deep AMENS? That was our friend, Paco. His full name is De Los Reyes. Paco was good friends with a number of you. He passed away this past week and services have already been held. Our hearts and prayers go to his family and you who knew him so well.

September 28 we are going to take a few moments to recognize and encourage all students who are in the educational process at this time of year (that’s next week). You may be surprised at who is in school right now.

We continued our GREAT STORIES OF THE BIBLE series one more week on September 14 and got a good look from the Mount of Transfiguration in Luke 9. Stay tuned for today’s story.

The way we explain who we are as a church is simple: “Community Grace Brethren Church is endeavoring to be the family of God together in joyful, Christ-centered worship and is committed to: leading men, women, and children to a personal saving faith in Jesus Christ; building ourselves in the faith on the Word of God; and serving others here and throughout the world.” Put your hand over this and see if you can repeat it from memory. This is also printed on the homepage of our website at www.whittierbrethren.net

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard

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