by Pastor Richard

for teh week beginning Sunday, July 20, 2014

Claudia and I invite you to join us tomorrow evening and every Monday evening through August 11th for the Whittier Concerts in the Park series. Come enjoy the concerts in OUR FRONT YARD WITH US AND OTHERS (see ad for details). This is one of those special times to bring friends and family to meet with others of your church family/community. Claudia will be hosting you on July 21st as I am at VISION2014DC Conference in our nation’s capitol.

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We continue our GREAT STORIES OF THE BIBLE this morning in our summer series. In our last message we considered the words of Elisha the prophet from 2 Kings 5 when he spoke to Namaan the soldier on how to be cleansed of his leprousy. Tim Ramos is preaching today on one of the strong men in the Bible

The Summer Sunday SPOTLIGHT on July 13 was on our Sunday School teacher, Robert Mata and his girlfriend, Janae. Our speaker on  July 13 was my friend, Pastor Roy Halberg who always brings us a special message from his heart to ours. Remember what encounter with Jesus he shared with us?

Every summer a group of missionaries, church leaders and pastors that are part of our fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches worldwide meet up for a time of planning, prayer and fellowship. This year the gathering is in Washington, DC (details at I will be representing you and our church family at that conference that began July 18th that continues through July 21. I plan to open God’s Word with you again on July 27th continuing our series on Great Stories of the Bible.

The Vacation Bible School pictures are on the monitor in the lobby today for this second week because there are so many special moments to view.

BIG THANKS to Gil the bbq gourmet who grilled up our hot dogs and burgers for bbq nite at Summer Sunday recently.

I was served my first Lychee at a recent Summer Sunday when one of you families shared samples with us all. The good news is that it came WITH INSTRUCTIONS. Why? Because first, I tried to eat the skin and then the center part when all you eat is the jelly.

One of my favorite Summer Sunday dishes in recent weeks has been the Jalapeño chili beans. Yum Yum. 

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard

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